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Retail Utopia
"As in all utopias, the right to have plans of any significance belonged only to the planner in charge".                                                                                                            Jane Jacobs 

We are great believers in independent and small artisan retail and they will kick start the high street. We want to give these  retailers a head start, enabling them to flourish and achieve their full potential, as the high street needs new exciting uses to replace the ever-increasing number of vacant shops. The high street is going through many changes and for a vibrant town centre, we need new local retailers to step up encouraging new users and creative retail.


Dealing with landlords, agents and leases, coupled with legislation is a minefield in its own right. We offer a cost effective solution to deal with leasing matters, either with a rent review or a lease renewal, or simply a new lease. We can negotiate a settlement with your landlord and put you in touch with a cost effective solicitor to draw up your new lease saving you time and money.


coffee roasters


flower shops

craft beer

Craft Beer

clothes shops 

cheese shops

Book Store

book shops 



and coffee shops 

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